Beta Readers

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Choosing and working with Beta Readers to review your writing.

Beta Readers

BETA READERS — We all need them! And we can all be them.
The problem is that it’s hard to be honest, and it’s hard to get people to be honest.
Over the years, we’ve worked up a few well phrased questions to get betas to open up.

Step 1 is finding a good Beta reader. There are a handful of criteria and all should be considered before you bow before a reader and ask them to beta for you.

Doc #1 Beta Guidelines. How to find one and how to be a good one.

Step 2 is reading and critiquing. Over the years we’ve worked up a few well-phrased questions to get the most out of your Betas.
Feel free to alter this doc to make it yours. Use it when you beta for others. Hand it out to your betas to get exactly what you need!

Doc #2 Beta chapter worksheet. Use at will!

Download the beta reader handouts


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