Ever wondered if the fight scene choreography you've written into your novel is realistic? No need to wonder any longer, with your Rent-A-Ninja session at Authors Combat Academy our professionally trained Ninjas will answer your questions and act out your fight scene. This effective method gives you answers quickly and efficiently (because you can video tape your sessions for future reference). Sign up today for your Rent-A-Ninja session.

What is Rent-A-Ninja?

At Authors Combat Academy, you can rent your very own Ninjas! Work with 1, 2, or 3 Ninjas to work our YOUR fight scenes for total accuracy and clarity in your descriptive writing.

Whether you are stuck on what to do next in your fight scene, wondering if you’ve written it correctly or just want to see it acted out, your Rent-A-Ninjas can help. Just ask and they’ll get to work. It’s that easy. Even if you want to experience the action for yourself, they’ll be happy to put you in a choke hold or let you practice a kick.

All of our Ninjas are professionally trained in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Combined, they have over 100 years of experience and are great teachers of the craft. They’ll break your scenes down with you, asking questions you might not have thought of. Considering if your shooter is professionally trained or just picked up a gun (that matters in how they’ll hold the gun), asking what age, height, weight the attacker is to properly calculate their movements, and so much more. With their intuitive questions, they’ll show you ways to make your fight scenes more realistic,¬†exciting, and accurate!

One Rent-A-Ninja session is included with the Golden Gloves Admission ticket. Additional session can be added as space allows. It can also be tacked on to the Fighting Class Admission. Check our registration page for more info.

Sign up for your Rent-A-Ninja session now

Rent-A-Ninja 25 Minute Fighting Demonstration Session

Where else can you see live action fights broken down just for writers? Join us at Authors Combat Academy 2016 to enhance your writing.

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